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Top 5 Video Editing Apps for iPad’s

Video Editing, on an iPad I am an extremely mobile worker. I work two full time jobs, one being for a podcast hosting company, and the other as mom. That means I have to be able to work anywhere, and that includes working with media files. Historically, it's been...

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iTunes’ New Podcasts Connect, EXPLAINED!

The lovely Elsie Escobar (@yogeek) and I are joining forces in our original Libsyn Live format to bring you a full update on iTunes new podcast submission and management system, Podcasts Connect. Historically, podcast submissions to the iTunes store were done strictly...

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Krystal Speaks Geek on She Podcasts!

I had the opportunity to join Elsie Escobar on her show, She Podcasts, to talk backups. backups. What does that even mean? Backups to podcasters means the traditional, running fully system backups, incremental backups, up to the cloud or to an external hard drive,...

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The Podcasters’ Roundtable: PR062: RSS Feeds

I was, once again, invited to join the Podcasters' Roundtable with the mighty Ray Ortega and the venerable Daniel J. Lewis, this time to chat RSS feeds. OH MY! RSS feeds aren't as scary as they use to be, mainly because there are so many services out there that will...

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