Krystal Clear Technologies – Nothing ‘Side’ About It

In January, 2009, I launched my first side business. Krystal Clear Technologies is a single member LLC that I created in order to more properly organize freelance projects I was being asked to take on. KCT accepted jobs including building servers, PC repair, education/training, web hosting and website administration, and server management.

The majority of my work surrounded the setup and configuration of custom Content Management System (CMS) backed websites, primarily through Joomla and WordPress, and managing teams of developers in order to create custom modules and components that would tie into those systems.

While KCT is still a legal entity, in 2014 I decided to stop accepting new jobs as my professional career had taken a major shift when I accepted the job at Libsyn, and between that and raising my family, I wanted to prioritize my time commitments.

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