Extracurricular Activities

  • Hobby Activities
    • Horse back riding
      • I’ve done Western trail, equitation, pleasure, English equitation, pleasure, entry level dressage, and show jumping with formal lessons having started when I was 10.
    • Music
      • I began piano when I was 3, taking formal lessons on and off through high school. I also participated in church and school choirs and ensembles throughout my school career. I took vocal lessons during high school. I also had an interest in and took classes in electronic music (utilizing acoustic instruments, vocal, and computer generated sounds to put together tracks that ultimately resulted in full musical arrangements).
    • Stage Crew
      • I assisted in audio setup through church from middle school on up. In high school, I participated in stage crew working audio and spot lighting.
    • Technology
      • Outside of my career path, I also participated heavily in the Pittsburgh BBS scene.
    • Shooting Sports
      Krystal at the Shooting Range

      Krystal at the Shooting Range

      • I began shooting rifle and shotgun at a young age with my father, learning to shoot pistol as an adult. I tested through classes for defensive handgun one and two. For 3 years, I ran a successful podcast called Bullet Talk Radio.
  • Political, Non-Profit, and Other Works
    • Work Camp
      • Every summer through middle and high school, I participated in a work camp through the church.
    • Girl Scouts
      • Yup, I did that. From elementary through middle school, I sold thin mints with the best of them.
    • 20 Million Loud / Rock the Vote
      • My senior year of high school, I was the Pittsburgh chapter coordinator for 20 Million Loud, an organization of young Americans in collaboration with Rock the Vote whose mission was to encourage American citizens to register to vote.
    • The 9.12 Project
      • Starting in 2009, I was one of four co-chairs building the Pennsylvania 9.12 Project which was a statewide effort to bring communication and online tools to local 9.12 and Tea Party groups. I also worked directly with leaders of conservative groups to facilitate discussion and provide a network of support for group leaders.
      • In 2010, I began a local chapter for the 9.12 Project for my local community and began working with the local, regional, and state political campaigns and communities on projects, events, technology, public education, and legislation.